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We deal with many services to take extra care of your problem solutions.

Help Budyz NPC

Help Budyz NPC strives to utilise its skills, resources, expertise, and capabilities to bring to life its philosophy of “Business as a catalyst for social change”. We do this through the activities of the Help Budyz NPC Fundraising.

Help Budyz Consultant

Our consultancy provides area econometric and macro - microeconomic development specialist services for rural community across South Africa, helping companies set direction, accelerate their Corporate Social Investment (CSI), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) /Social Labour Plan (SLP), and Capital Investment journey and ensure sustainability and measurable Return on Investment (ROI) in the community projects

Budyz Investment

Help Budyz Investment actively seeks to share the burden of growing South Africa and relies on our values-driven investment model to help bring about positive societal change through sustainable and growing businesses.

Help Budyz is a black-owned company made out of Help Budyz Consultant, Help Budyz Investment and Help Budyz NPC at the heart of a diversified rural investment strategy.


Help Budyz is built around a philosophy that believes that business can be a catalyst for positive social change origin, meaning people, government, and businesses coming together to work for a common purpose. This sense of collective effort towards a shared vision is our underlying philosophy.

Philosophy & Founding Principles

Help Budyz makes in its duty to build a sustainable economy back to society through its shared intellect and values.

Business needs thriving societies and communities to succeed. Help Budyz philosophy is centered on enabling a better society for all and Help Budyz’s sense of collective effort towards a shared vision. Each leg of our business reinforces the other; setting them apart, making them strong.

Through the projects Help Budyz NPC supports, the companies Help Budyz Investment (PTY) Ltd invest in and the businesses Help Budyz Consultant consult for, Help Budyz seeks to influence positive change in society because we believe business is a catalyst for social change. As society has given to us, it is our duty to give back to society through our shared intellect and values.



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