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Consulting Practices

Our consultancy provides area econometric and macro – microeconomic development specialist services for rural community across South Africa, helping companies set direction, accelerate their Corporate Social Investment (CSI), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) /Social Labour Plan (SLP), and Capital Investment journey and ensure sustainability and measurable Return on Investment (ROI) in the community projects

Help Budyz is established with a sole goal to accelerate rural community economic activities in South Africa, it will develop a deep well of trusted experience across different industries in the private and public sector. The embodiment of its name, Help Budyz Consulting (PTY) Ltd. brings highly-skilled, diverse people together to solve the questions posed to it. We believe diversity drives optimal partnerships, innovative thinking, and sustainable impact.  

We provide our partners with the intellect, resources, and capabilities to identify previously unseen problems, rectify business deficiencies, design and implement new systems and revenue streams, and ultimately, make the mining host community happy, more efficient, and rewarding for their stakeholders enhancing investor confidence.

What We Do Stakeholder Engagement Operations
Stakeholder, Economic Development, & Governance Risk Compliance (GRC)

We help businesses and their immediate stakeholders adjust tactically and strategically to an unpredictable environment flooded by technological disruption, new competitors, and a shifting policy landscape. We do this through our partner-focused intelligence and insight generation, strategy development, innovative operating model design, configuration, implementation, steering, and management oversight.

Approaching problems from the stakeholder’s point-of-view offers a relevant way to step outside established paradigms and find a new perspective. We support organisations to maximize impact with a stakeholder’s -centric approach to growth, combining the disciplines of business and marketing strategy to design high-performing commercial value chains – beginning with investor confidence and operations.

Next-Gen Operations & Supply Chain

We support rural businesses in their transition to new ways of working in procurement and supply chain. Driven by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the applications of emerging technologies are explored to drive business value. Clients are equipped with the tools and insights necessary to shift towards the processes of the future.



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